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Bird and Flower, Here We Cease Our Motion

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Video: Jump Out of the Way
Video: Borderline (Madonna cover) live at Comfest 2009
MP3: Hot Boots

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7/24 Dayton, OH Pretty People Pad House Show w/ State School and Saintseneca. 8pm

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8/8 Columbus, OH Monster House 8pm.

<a href="">Dark Thoughts by Bird and Flower</a>

Bird and Flower is Eve Searls.

She grew up in Juneau, Alaska with the bears and salmon and then moved to Columbus, Ohio where she is a lawyer for poor people, among other things.

She has two cats, of course, and she sounds like Iris Dement if Iris Dement was on K Records.

This, Here We Cease Our Motion, is her first album. She recorded it by herself in her apartment, playing almost all the instruments: guitar, ukulele, banjo, keyboards, lots of singing, sound effects.

On “Hot Boots,” the focus track for suburban Ritalin-driven rollerskating rinks, Bird and Flower and her Yamaha keyboard sound like sexy Madonna fun. On “Leaves,” there are so many voices of Eve you can’t keep track as they fall (metaphor) in a round from the trees (metaphor). And so on.

Bird and Flower got nudged into the world. Someone who claimed to be a “producer” (Jerry DeCicca– the Black Swans, Larry Jon Wilson) “found” her on the “Internet”, booked her a gig, and shook up her mixes for many months and now there is an album, tours, and many videos.

Here We Cease Our Motion is joyous and sad, odd and warm, pathetic and girl power. Or as Bird and Flower likes to say when she’s feeling saucy, “It’s okay to be sad when you’re having fun. It’s okay to have fun while you’re being sad.”

That might sound like a commercial for a self-help Reese’s cup (”Your bird’s in my flower!”, etc.), but her voice and songs will take you there.

Cover Painting by Brandi Strickland
Photograph by Michelle Maguire

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