Introduction. For the readers, the narration of any event can become the most interesting part of the story. In addition to this, the third party narration not always can provide a mutual understanding of the important aspects and messages that the author of a novel intended to pass to the readers. Moreover, it is the one that gives the audience their own point of view through the way they view the story narrated. In the setting of the two novels, the Passing and the life of Dorian Gray where the former written in a third party mechanism about a story about a woman who hides behind a false identity in order to live a comfortable life but with the greed of money and comfort discloses their identity to her husband.

According to my perspective, the third person narration describes only separate parts of the story and ignores other areas that they have no relevance. Irene in her narration may have captured the characters of all the actors in the novel depending on own tastes and likes. It forms a questionable basis through which the reader would get another character represented on the main character that carries the main message of the story.

In addition to this, the narration by Irene Redfield signifies that the non-party people in a story are not in touch with the main characters represented in a topic. This has a relation to the fact that society associated the whites with riches. They do this in order to live comfortably and within the comforts of the people accepted in the society as right from the point of view of morality, and those people have right connections and ways of life. She lays an emphasis on the other factors that draw the attention of the reader from the main theme of the story.

It would be unfair not to mention that in the picture of Dorian, the third party narration ensures that the readers will get an opportunity to feel the emotions and understand the thoughts of the main character of the story. This diverts the attention of the reader from focusing on the major themes represented in the story like those of friendship and others like morality through the acts of the main character. In both stories, people have lost their lives because their secrets were revealed to the outside world. The authors of both the novels do not lay much emphasis on the loss of lives as a major theme in the narrations. The twists that the narration takes are different through the eyes of the third person narration as they have their limitations and attitudes towards the stories as they narrate.

It is difficult to understand the depth of emotions when you read the story for the first time. The limitation of people becomes evident from the first lines, and the narrator’s introduction seems to be indifferent as it does not take any position. It gives the reader a choice which party and ideology one should support because everyone can make own conclusions. The works would be more successful if the main characters and the narrators expressed their views towards the publication. Thus it could improve the quality of the work and attract more readers.

What is more, if each actor was given a chance to view out the way their character, the reader and the audience would have a choice on how to view the whole book by taking unbiased stands and views on the books.


My point of view in regards to the limitation from the third party narration as they affect the readers understanding of the plot makes it impossible for a reader to connect with the narration. Were it that the main character narrated the story, there would be a different way through which the reader understands the plot of the story. The narration and plot of the story flow with the third party considerations and the reader have to rely on what they want to write about in regards to the story. For instance, if the third party who narrated the story had a negative attitude towards the lead characters Irene or Claire, but they did it without any bad thoughts.

In addition to this, Irene in her narration shows the audience that the character of her friend despite a negative revelation has betrayed friendship and trust. Such narrations limit the way the audience thinks about other characters, as there might be a focus on certain aspects that the narrator prefers. Other factors that affect the reasoning of the other characters become an issue that the third party narrator ignores intentionally and through prior planning. Nevertheless, other important themes were ignored as the third party focuses on the aspects connected with the characters, so as to render the main idea.

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