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Download Entire Catalog For Free + 2009 Plans

To celebrate the holidays (and inspired a bit by Catbird) , we’ve gone a little loopy and have decided to make all of the Sunken Treasure Records available as a free download. This offer expires at the end of the month, so start burning our download limits pronto.

We can also announce some of our plans for 2009. Our first release next year will be a split seven inch vinyl release featuring Columbus’ The Black Swans and Brooklyn’s Alina Simone. Both songs are beautiful and heartbreaking, and you’ll surely want it in your collection. Expect that in the Feb/March timeframe.

We also plan to work with Eve Searles, aka Bird and Flower, on the release of her debut album. I’ve been a fan of Eve since she first popped up on the scene and her first effort is fabulous. This will happen sometime in April/May (which will be here before you know it…)

More to come, including some Megan Palmer vinyl, and maybe a few more tricks up our sleeves. Happy holidays!


Miranda Sound, Miranda Sound


Megan Palmer, Take You Away

download | download bonus EP

The Evil Queens, Lovesong Werewolves


Eric Metronome, You Should Be Happy


Miranda Sound, Western Reserve


The Celebrity Pilots, Beneath the Pavement, A Beach!


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Launching the Sunken Treasure Digital Download Store

We’ve just announced the Sunken Treasure Digital Download Store. Purchase high quality MP3s directly from us without the middleman. Go here:

For the brand Miranda Sound album, you can choose what you’d like to pay. Pay $1 for the album, $5, etc etc etc.

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Miranda Sound New Album Now Available to Purchase

You can purchase Miranda Sound’s final album online in our store. iTunes, Amazon and other options coming in a few weeks.

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New Miranda Sound MP3s - New Album Release Friday in Columbus

Miranda Sound are releasing their final album 6/20 at Ravari Room in Columbus OH . There are a handful of shows scheduled for the summer. Click here for complete details.

Here’s two new songs to prepare you:

MP3: Falling Man
MP3: Leave Everyone Behind

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Free Album Download: Western Reserve by Miranda Sound

As we gear up for the release of the final Miranda Sound album on June 20, we wanted to release their previous effort, Western Reserve, as a free download to the world.

To download the entire album, click here: WESTERN RESERVE

192 kbs, no DRM.

Individual songs:

1. Jackson Milton
2. Close Calls
3. The Lull of Youngstown
4. My Surname’s An Airplane
5. Take It Where You Can Get It
6. Calculator for Words
7. Control
8. We’re Making Amends
9. To Partner and President
10. The World is Not a Stage
11. Workbook Light and Power
12. Death of the Party

If you’ve already own the album, share the link with your friends! And stay tuned for more information about the new album out next month!

PS: If you have a burning desire to buy a physical version of the CD, we have about 20 left. Click here for our store.

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