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“Take You Away” is the second album by Columbus OH musician Megan Palmer. Recorded just one year after her debut release “Forget Me Not,” this new album showcases Megan’s maturity as a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist (violin, piano, guitar), something that performing
200 shows over the course of the last year certainly helped.

The bulk of the album was produced during 2 days of casual recording sessions in Joshua Tree, California by Bingo (Kevin Richey) of the Bingo Band and The Thriftstore All-stars under the supervision of Columbus ex-pat Tim Easton. The desert experience was completed by the addition of other All-stars such as Victoria Williams and Ray Woods.

In addition to the California sessions, Megan also enlisted singer/songwriter/producer Eric Metronome to produce three additional tracks in Columbus. Longtime collaborators Jennifer Miller and Larry Cook assisted on these tracks along with Megan and Metronome on various instruments.

First edition of the album limited to 500 copies. 200 will have a bonus album of extra songs, demos, and outtakes. After that you can find the bonus material in the digital world (iTunes, eMusic, etc). Hand silk-screened packaging by Nicholas Nocera. Photos by Manjari Sharma in
New York City during a beautiful September day. Liner notes by a broken typewriter that’s now in Seattle.

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