About me

I have graduated from Stanford University, California, and I created this blog with one fundamental purpose in mind – to help students with their college assignments. I can tell from experience that I often found myself overwhelmed by the difficulty of the homework and essays I had to complete as a student. In times like those, getting some guidance or inspiration was all I needed. That’s precisely why I decided to provide essay samples to students who are in the same spot as I was.

College life

When you have a challenging task you should complete, something as simple as an essay sample can point you towards the right direction. There were times when I wanted to do everything by myself, as I was ashamed to ask for help – whether it was a teacher or a fellow student. But there’s no shame in asking for help – take it from someone who’s been there.


Believe it or not, each academic assignment you complete is important for getting a degree, and being truly proficient in your field of study. That’s something I experienced during college. Each skill is earned through hard work, determination, and, most importantly, by investing time in that direction.