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Free Album Download: Western Reserve by Miranda Sound

As we gear up for the release of the final Miranda Sound album on June 20, we wanted to release their previous effort, Western Reserve, as a free download to the world.

To download the entire album, click here: WESTERN RESERVE

192 kbs, no DRM.

Individual songs:

1. Jackson Milton
2. Close Calls
3. The Lull of Youngstown
4. My Surname’s An Airplane
5. Take It Where You Can Get It
6. Calculator for Words
7. Control
8. We’re Making Amends
9. To Partner and President
10. The World is Not a Stage
11. Workbook Light and Power
12. Death of the Party

If you’ve already own the album, share the link with your friends! And stay tuned for more information about the new album out next month!

PS: If you have a burning desire to buy a physical version of the CD, we have about 20 left. Click here for our store.

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